Born in Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia), Spain, Elvira begins her transverse flute studies at the age of seven in the Music School of Caravaca de la Cruz, being the first official flute student of the city. At the age of twelve she continues her studies in the Murcia Conservatory of Music, graduating with honours. She completes the Master of Music at the Aragon Conservatory of Music, in Zaragoza.

Throughout her studies, she attends master classes from flautists such as: Jaime Martín, Vicens Prats, Emily Beynon, Robert Winn, Magdalena Martínez, Júlia Gállego, Álvaro Octavio, Javier Castiblanque, Barbara Rosnitschek, Mónica Raga and Tatjana Ruhland, amongst others.

While continuing with her transverse flute education, she receives private lessons on “Advanced relaxation techniques and autogenous training, focusing on stage fright in musicians”, at the Pilar Iñigo Center in Zaragoza.

She has worked as a transverse flute teacher at the Music School of Moratalla, at the Music School of Caravaca de la Cruz and at the Conservatory of Music of Caravaca de la Cruz.

She has performed with several ensembles, bands, orchestras and chamber music groups, in concert halls such as: Auditorio Nacional de Madrid, Palacio de la Música Catalana, Auditorio de Zaragoza and Auditorio de Murcia, amongst others.

Always curious about how to improve the musicians’ quality of life at all levels, once she finishes her transverse flute studies, she starts her Yoga education at the International Yoga School, completing the three different levels in such education and becoming a Yoga master after three years of training.

She also takes part in a one year course on “Relaxation and personal development”, promoted by the Integral Health and Yoga Center in Galicia.

She has worked as a Yoga and Pilates teacher too in several centers in Caravaca de la Cruz. She has worked with hyperactive children merging Yoga, music and specific relaxation techniques into her lessons.

She has lived in Germany for three years, where she has been part of the orchestra Collegium Musicum in Heidelberg, as well as played in several recitals. There, she has also given flute, Yoga and pilates lessons.

She has worked at the Gym Doris gymnasium (Murcia) as a Yoga, Pilates and hypopressive abdominal teacher. She has taken in a one year course of Philosophy of the Yoga and Vedanta at the Vedanta Academy school with the teacher Óscar Montero.

She has worked at the Sportiva center,  Gym Aerodance and  music school ANMAVI as a yoga and pilates teacher.

Currently she works at the Gym Doris as a Pilates and Yoga teacher. In addition, she teaches courses of Yoga for musicians, teachers and children in order to bring the Yoga closer to the people.